May 19, 2016

Quick Leather Lounge Cleaner

I *hate* cleaning my cream leather lounges. Yes, you heard right... cream. And lounge/s. Plural.
I have two. A two-seater and a three-seater. I have kids. Dogs. A sweaty husband. What was I thinking when we bought them???

We have a tiny living room. The only window faces south so we need as much light colour in there as possible. I used to spend HOURS softly polishing the leather with special leather cleaner and conditioner. And it still didn't look like it did when we first bought it... boo!

Now I still do that painstaking clean - but only once a year. Yes. Once. At Christmas time. And only -after- I've cleaned it with this:

Quick Leather Lounge Cleaner
half a bucket of hot water
a squirt of mild hair shampoo
a non-scratch sponge

Now some of you might be screaming in horror right now. And that's okay. Let me get it out there straight away - MY LOUNGES ARE NOT PRECIOUS. They are not heirlooms, nor did they cost a mint. They are good quality Karlsfors (now Landskrona) lounges from Ikea. They have a natural grain in the leather that traps dirt and grime like you wouldn't believe.
(Incidentally, the filthiest spots are where the dogs and my husband sits. Just sayin').

Well I don't know about you, but I'm not up to spending HOURS cleaning lounges only to have them end up looking like this again in a fortnight:


But with my Quick Leather Lounge Cleaner I can have them looking clean again in as little as twenty minutes, tops. Yes, 20. Yes, BOTH lounges.


Here's my method
  • Make up the cleaner as directed above.
  • Soap up your area to be cleaned really well. I usually work on one square/strip at a time. Don't worry about your lounge getting wet - it's leather - it doesn't soak in!
  • Gently scrub with the scrubby part of your non-scratch sponge, working in a circular pattern to get into all the grain.
  • Flip sponge over and wipe excess suds off with spongey part.
  • Once each section of lounge is clean, rinse sponge under clean running water and wring out. Then wipe down your cleaned section and let it air dry.
  • Sit back with a glass of wine and admire your sparkly clean new lounge... you now have an hour to yourself!

I've been using this cleaning method for several months now and my leather is still soft and supple. I believe the key is to make sure the shampoo you use is a mild one. Like I mentioned earlier - my lounges are not precious - they are making do in this house until the kids are grown and we can move to the country and build our dream house *wink*
Please decide if this method is for you before trying.

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