January 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

I decided to pop out and do a wee bit of thrifting today in the rain (as you do). It's kerbside collection weekend in our neighbourhood and because of a week's worth of rain, everything good is either a) already taken; or b) ruined by the wet weather. So after having a lovely browse at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre, I stopped by one of the local St Vinnie's on the way home, to see what (dry) bargains could be found.

I almost bought some doilies, but couldn't remember what I wanted them for (might go back for them later once I work that out) and had a little browse amongst the glassware, when I spotted these way down low on the bottom shelf...

The purple bowls caught my eye as they are my daughter's favourite colour and would look pretty in her room holding some of her little bits and bobs (I don't know exactly what yet - her room is still on my "to-do" list). They are Modern Living brand (is this Target?) and a bargain at only $2 each. There was a set of four, but I decided that two would suit her needs well enough. Look at those vintagey edges!

Then came my most inspiring find - my heart starting palpitating a little bit... you see I love, love, LOVE anything green. Especially that limey-appley green... so when I spied these gorgeous mini platters, I just had to have them! They are the most heavenly shade (sorry, photos on grey rainy days don't do the colour justice) and a lovely organic shape.

Sure, they're not large - about the size of a dinner plate, but I'll use them for entertaining, or salad, or display or something. And only two dollars each? (Seems to be a theme happening here today). Are you kidding me? Well then, imagine my surprise delight when I flipped them over to find this -

Now that's a good start to the weekend!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you are... M x

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