January 24, 2012

Frightfully Charming School Bag Idea

My kids headed back to school today (in the pouring rain!!) but at least their bags looked cool...

My 8 yr old daughter loves her Monster High dolls and all things creepy and spooky, so I thought I'd whip up a cute little zipper charm for her school bag this year; after being inspired by the little zombie key charms over at the red thread.

And so I set about designing a "girlie" skull, complete with signature pink bow, not unlike the Monster High mascot. Naturally, as soon as I started, my 5 yr old son decides he wants one too, "but with no bows, Mum" and so I turned his into a pirate skull.

I have to admit they are darn cute and sew simple to make - I whipped up both of them in a single afternoon while being constantly interrupted to hunt down missing Lego pieces. They would make cute party favours for pirate parties or Halloween, don't you think? You can easily adapt the shape to anything you choose, the process is still the same. Why not give one a try...

Frightfully Charming School Bag Charms:

You will need:

  •  small scraps of felt (I used white, pink & red)
  • embroidery thread & needle
  • sewing cotton
  • buttons
  • ribbon
  • binder rings (you can get these at scrapbooking & office supply stores - I found mine at the $2 shop)
  • handful of hobby fill


Draw a skull-shaped template on a piece of paper (or freehand it directly onto the felt if you are good at this - I am not) transfer to your felt and cut out two skulls for each charm. To give you an indication of size, I used the lid off a spice jar to shape the top of my skulls.

On the front skull piece: using the embroidery thread, sew on the buttons for eyes and using a simple stem stitch, add a little nose and some lines to form teeth.

Then you can add whatever embellishment you like. For girls - cut a small bow shape from coloured felt and stitch to the front skull with matching embroidery thread. You can also add some sparkly gems for some bling. For the boys - cut two bandana shapes from coloured felt and stitch one to the front and flip the other over before stitching to the back with some matching cotton thread. Fold over a small length of ribbon to form a loop and sandwich between the two layers at the top of the 'head'. You can hold it in place with a pin or a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape.

With right sides facing outwards, stitch the edges together with a small slip stitch and some strong cotton thread, leaving a small opening at the bottom jaw. Fill with hobby fill until quite bursting, then slip-stitch the opening closed. Slip your binder ring through the ribbon loop and Miss/Master Frightfully Charming is good to go!

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  1. Fantastic project! My kids would love these too! Thanks for sharing! X

  2. My Miss 9 would love one of these zombie charms! Thank you for playing along and sharing how they are made Melanie :)


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