January 15, 2012

From Dark to Light

It's dark and rainy here in Brissy at the moment. I say "at the moment" because it's been switching from dreary to sunny to partly cloudy all morning. From dark to light and back again.

Something that won't ever be switching back to dark again is this quaint wooden napkin holder. My dear Mum picked it up for me at some junkyard sale, thinking it would be a perfect match for my antique cutlery caddy that I use for outdoor dining on our deck... Thanks Mum, it's very functional and there's no way even the strongest afternoon easterly (breeze) could pluck a napkin out from under it - but man, is it butt-ugly!

Cutlery caddy on the left; napkin holder on the right

I had agonised over what colour to paint it for ages - I couldn't stand that dark piece of timber on the weight - and as we have a bit of a green and blue theme happening out on the deck, I couldn't make up my mind if I should do it two-toned or just a milky wash or what. I even contemplated painting the caddy as well, but in the end I decided to stick with just plain old white.

I knew I had some leftover paint from the outside house trim; although it was enamel (yuk) it was self-priming and the same paint used on the deck railings and posts, so the colour would match perfectly. It only took two good coats to cover even the darkest timber, and it was done. But...

It still didn't look "right". It was fresh, but chunkier-looking than before. Had I done the right thing? I thought about changing the colour/about dry-brushing some green over the top/instead I whipped out a piece of medium-grade sandpaper and set about - carefully- sanding back the extreme edges (I hadn't realised they were beveled until I started sanding).

And here's how she turned out - from dark and drab, to light and lovely :)

The jury's still out on whether I'll paint the cutlery caddy yet. What do you think - should I?

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  1. Paint it?! oh definately!!!! I paint everything white.... I love that light white shabby look... so my vote is for yes! I painted a similar cutlery caddy, added a French label stamp and put glasses in it and I use it for tools on my desk. Love that look you have achieved! X


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