January 10, 2012

If you can't DIY

Have someone DIFY (do it for you)!

I had been drooling over this set of paintings I dubbed "The Four Seasons Tree" (found on Pinterest) for absolutely ages.


Knowing they'd be perfect to add a bit of colour to the blank wall above the TV in our living room, and not being able to paint in the artist sense, I gingerly suggested the idea to my father who has been painting for years (and does all the artwork in our house).

Luckily for me, he agreed, so a few weeks ago I printed out the picture in A4 format for his inspiration and picked up some canvases from the two-dollar shop for only $9 each - bargain! Each time I visited my parents I resisted the urge to take a look at their progress, eagerly awaiting for Christmas.

Well, Christmas came and went. But, knowing that I had a birthday coming up (it's today - Happy Birthday to Me!) I knew I wouldn't have to wait too long. And I wasn't disappointed...

Thanks Dad!

You've gotta love a custom artwork :)
I'll give you a tour of my living room, once I get the rest of the decor sorted and some new cushions made.

I'm off to have a Birthday dip in the pool with the kids. See ya!

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