February 22, 2012

Train Table Makeover

When our son was little, my husband and his mate built an amazingly strong table for all his Thomas the Tank Engine trains. I had painted it bright blue with a lime green playing surface, and for a few years it took pride of place in his bedroom. Then we decided that it would be better suited downstairs in the rumpus room where it could also double as a coffee table when we had birthday parties, and the like.
Now that my son is about to turn six, his interest has waned from wooden trains to LEGO over the past year, and so it was a timely reminder to give the old train table a much-needed makeover. 

After trawling the net for inspiration, I found this picture:


As my son prefers to build LEGO vehicles over any other kind of construction, I figured something like this would help fuel his imagination and refrain him from dragging the LEGO upstairs into his bedroom, to play on his roadmap rug. I knew I had leftover paint from the window trims and architraves in a nice antique white, so all that was needed was a trip to the hardware store for a tin of chalkboard paint!

I don't have a BEFORE shot, because I was too eager to get painting – so here's a DURING photo:

And here it is AFTER:

Now it blends in with the room d├ęcor a lot better, and he (and his big sister) can customise it to their heart's content J


As it happens, my son is having a LEGO themed birthday party for 8 of his mates this weekend, so stay tuned for next week's post about easy DIY party ideas – LEGO themed of course!


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  1. I love chalkboard paint, and this table is fantastic! It's great how adaptable it is, for whatever games they decide to play. And a lego party - how fun! I threw my son a lego-themed party last year, and had a ball with the food and party bits and pieces. Enjoy!

  2. My nine year old daughter is Lego crazy. I wish I had a table like this. She has a sprawled throughout an entire lounge on old template boards.

  3. This is fab. Definately an idea to remember!


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