February 1, 2012

Wonderful Wicker

I mentioned the other day that our neighbourhood was having a kerbside collection this weekend, and that due to the unrelenting weather, any potential treasures would be ruined by the big wet.

Well, after dropping my kids to school on Monday morning, I drove past a rather large collection of motley-looking debris, but something caught my attention...

This wonderfully generous wicker clothes hamper! It had a lid that was falling to bits, but it wasn't the lid that I was interested in. Tossing the lid to the ground, I was delighted to find that the basket itself was in perfect condition. A little bit of dusty lint caught in the bottom - but nothing that a good hose-out couldn't fix. Besides I wanted it to replace this:

The catchall for our outdoor toys and sporting equipment was quite cutting it in the catch-ALL department. There are several balls in the yard that just don't fit, and being smaller on the bottom means it tips over quite a lot. So bye-bye green plastic laundry hamper - your new job is to hold the pool noodles :) and hello savvy sports storage! Doesn't this look a lot better?

And it's only half-full!

Now just to decide if I should paint it. White allover? White-wash perhaps? Just a wide white stripe around the middle? What do you think?

And this was my other find for the day - a sturdy cane pot stand - scored this one on the main road on the way to pick up the kids from school.

Definitely going to pain this one white as I have a little niche for it in my main bathroom. Will show you how this one turns out another day.

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  1. Lucky you Miss Mel with these wonderful finds, love a good look about during the roadside collections. I think a white strip round the middle of the sport catch all is worth considering. Happy revamping! Elisa x

  2. Awesome find Melaine! I would probably paint it to give some protection against the weather as it looks like it's housed outside. I like the sound of white wash :)

    Thanks for again playing along xx


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