September 19, 2012

Camping Checklist

The September (Spring) school holidays are looming, and for our family that means CAMPING!

Now if you are a seasoned camper, you'll no doubt appreciate the usefulness of a humble checklist. It doesn't matter if you are camping overnight or for a week, you still need the same stuff - just differing quantities of it.

I am a list person. If we are packing for anything - anything - I must have a list or I will forget something. Or I will spend the entire time fretting that I've forgotten something (even if I haven't). Lists make me happy :-)

So all week we have been pulling out camping stuff from under the stairs, the shed, and in cupboards. Sorting, piling, checking. I cannot seriously function without my list. So here it is. Just a simple Excel spreadsheet, that you can download and customise to suit your own needs. Just click on the link below.

I simply cannot wait. Camping is so much fun for us as a family. No TV, no computers, no iPods, no electronic games. Just good old fashioned fun in the Great Outdoors - campfires every night, toasting marshmallows, lots of hiking and simple living.

We're heading to our usual spot in the mountains of the Gold Coast hinterland. I think it will be a little chilly this year, I just hope it doesn't rain... Mother Nature are you listening?

This is the first post in a little series all about camping. Look out for some others in the next few days.

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