September 26, 2012

Strip-Tie Bunting

My daughter is by no means a girly-girl. Her favourite colours are purple and black, she won't wear skirts or dresses and doesn't mind playing with boys and getting dirt all over her clothes, face, hair...

So when I was thinking of ways to decorate our campsite while we were away camping for her birthday, I naturally thought of bunting. But not in the traditional way. I needed to grunge it up a bit, and as we were expecting some bad weather, it also needed to be something I could toss away if it got wrecked.

Turning to my trusty fabric stash, I ripped up a few pieces into lots of thin strips and tied them onto a 10 metre strand of kitchen string. Voila, instant strip-tie bunting! Colourful and cute, and disposable if need-be because it didn't cost me a cent.

Now, unfortunately my son became very unwell on our second day camping and we had to pack up and come home early, so I didn't get a chance to string it up on our campsite :(
Instead, I snuck into her bedroom while she was asleep and strung it up across her room as a surprise on her birthday morning.

She loved it.

And, best of all, it's still clean and un-damaged - so it can stay up in her room as long as she likes :)

Why not give this kind of bunting a try for your next celebration? Just vary the fabric to create the look you want.

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