October 17, 2012

New Stone or Old Stone?

Not long after we bought our house (nearly 13 years ago!) we spied this statue of Bacchus - the Roman god of wine and merriment - in a local garden nursery. Thinking he'd be perfect to hang on the lattice wall of our entertaining deck, we snapped him up and brought him home. And there he stayed for many years, surrounded by faux ivy, as we enjoyed many merry glasses of wine with friends and family.

Then we renovated our house and repainted the exterior. The lattice wall went from forest green to crisp white and the "orangey-ness" of the terracotta was a bit too vivid for my liking. So Bacchus was taken down and relegated to various parts of the garden, before finally settling in our front courtyard. I still wasn't happy with the colour, so I thought it was about time old Bacchus had a makeover!

I wanted him to end up looking a bit like a mix of marble and sandstone, so I started off by giving him a light spray with some grey primer.

Now here I must mention that this statue is not real terracotta, but a hardened lightweight material made to look like stone. The primer left a great finish not unlike concrete, but it was still a little too grey, so next I dry brushed him with a buttery-cream paint that I had lying around in the shed. The effect was not too bad - it just needed a little "aging".

After a little stippling here and there with some hunter green and hazelnut coloured craft paint, old Bacchus was looking like he had weathered many decades out in the open!

Here he is back in his spot on the fence in our courtyard...

... where hopefully he will be entwined with this jasmine creeper before too long!

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  1. Bacchus looks very handsome after his makeover :-) I really like the finish you achieved - the close-up picture of his eye really shows the great texture and colouration :-)

  2. Good Morning Melanie, As one Bacchus lover to another I love your change of colour.... very fetching I have a stone Bacchus which I have had for many years and love him. He hangs contentedly in our garden aswell. I found you via Savvy Southern Style and have become a new member. Best Wishes Daphne


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