October 12, 2012

Simply Take Charge

Do you have a random mess of phone, tablet and camera chargers coiling like a Medusa's head from various powerpoints in your home?

I did.
And I grew fed up with it, fast... We charge all our electronics in the kitchen, so having to unplug Hubs' phone to plug in the toaster, then re-plugging in the phone again; and various devices perched on top of the microwave with cables that would forever catch in the door... Argh!

So I did something about it, but I didn't want to fork out some exuberant amount of money for a fancy "charging station".

My solution?

I shopped my home, of course! This wonderfully deep rustic tray used to have a large iron handle (which I removed) and has gumnuts painted on one side, which while lovely, seemed to add to the visual clutter of the area, so I merely turned that side to the wall.

Inside I placed a powerboard, and secured it to the base of the tray with blu-tack.

Permanently plugged in are our phone chargers and coiled neatly inside are the camera and Touch-pad chargers. When the phones or devices are charging, there is ample room for them to rest inside the tray, unseen but still reachable.

The plant adds a little visual interest and leads the eye up to the matching oak cabinet, while also breaking up the white space. Also, tucked behind the plant is the charger for our video camera which needs an international adaptor that is quite high and bulky when plugged in.

The whole thing sits atop our microwave in the far corner of the kitchen. A simple solution that didn't cost me a cent and looks good too!

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