October 4, 2012

Spring Vignette

Now that we are officially heading into the middle of Spring here in the Southern Hermisphere, I decided it was high time I got my finger out and began to freshen up the place a bit.

Among other things, the sideboard in my living room was in dire need of a decor upgrade (not to mention a rather good dusting!) and since it was such an easy place to start, I got stuck into it today.

I love green and white, and since the sideboard flanks the wall as you pass from the living room into the kitchen, it needs to feature a little timber accent to blend with my oak cabinets and dining table.

The sideboard is from the LIATORP range by Ikea (as is all my living room furniture) and I love its clean country style lines. But the best part of this makeover is that I didn't spend a cent. I shopped my home and re-purposed items that I had stashed away to use "sometime".

The hurricane vase I've had forever, and it is filled with a mixture of pebbles and blue-gray river stones. The candle is from Dusk and is scented like an oak wine barrel (can't recall what it's called). The silver tray and sweet dish were wedding presents and reflect the candlelight beautifully at night.

The white enamel pitcher is also from Ikea and will hold seasonal blooms as I collect them. The timber frame was a gift and is made from a specific timber found in Hawaii (or Haweewee for anyone else who's seen Hotel Transylvania these holidays).

 The little green dish and the pottery dove were both scored for a couple of dollars at a thrift shop. The dove even had an old house key hidden in its tail!

Love this Jane Austen quote.

The ornate stone-look plant pot is something else I've had forever and was recently updated with a new plant when the old box-hedge ball fell to bits. Both the ceramic bird and oil burner were recent anniversary presents from our parents.

Right now I'm enjoying the freshness of this little arrangement, and won't change it up again until December, when it will get a complete Christmas overhaul.

What about you? Do you like to update your decor with the seasons? How are you displaying Spring (or Fall) in your home?

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