December 3, 2012

12 Days of Christmas : It's a Wrap!

Hello friends! Welcome to the third installment of my "12 Days of Christmas" series - I hope you are enjoying them so far. If you have missed any of the previous posts, just scroll on down for the rest of the series.

One of my favourite parts of gift-giving is actually wrapping the presents :) Choosing the paper and tying up packages is something I find calming and enjoyable. For this reason I generally leave all the wrapping till the week before Christmas, then put on some carols and get into the spirit.

Something that has worked incredibly well for me is my Christmas Wrap Box. While some people have an entire "wrapping station" set up during the festive season, I don't have that luxury of space - but I still need to keep all my wrap, giftbags, tags, ribbons and cards in one easy and accessible location. I also like to pick up my Christmas wrap and bits & pieces at the post-Christmas sales, so I need somewhere to keep it all until the following year. Here is my solution:

A simple underbed rolling box holds everything and is the perfect length for most rolls of Christmas paper.

Cheap clear boxes hold ribbons/bows, cards/tags and small giftbags.

And when it's ready to pack away for another year, the whole thing sits above the closet in my craft room - dust free and out of site of little sticky-beaks!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to join me on Wednesday for how to make your very own
Summer Snowman!

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