July 15, 2014

Welcome Back and a Revamp!

Hello and welcome back to my little homemade blog!

It feels great to be back here again, sharing with you. I did take some much-needed time off from blogging to focus on other things, and I found that I missed it too much! (And yes I know I sort of fell off the blogosphere part-way through my 12 Days of Christmas series. I do apologise - my promised summer snowman was a complete and utter disaster and it all just went downhill from there... I ended up a bit stressed and flooded with migraines. Frankly, it just wasn't worth the pain. Literally.)

Anyhoo, the blog has had a little makeover too - it was in dire need of a revamp... I hope you like the new design :)

If this is your first time here: I intend to share with you lots of ideas on how you can add a little bit of you to everything you do – from good old-fashioned home-style cooking and baking; to handmade gifts and home décor; and by repurposing forgotten and thrifted items by changing them up to reflect you and your own personal style.

 We also struggle badly with clutter in our house, so I'll be sharing some great tips for reducing that too.

I do hope you'll join me – this is a friendly place and comments will be very much loved, so feel free to share your thoughts and tips, too!

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