August 9, 2015

DIY: Lavender Pillow Spray

I've been suffering from a few headaches lately, mostly at night time, so I'm going to try spraying a little lavender mist onto my pillow before bed. Lavender is a soothing and relaxing scent that is supposed to help with headaches, plus it just smells nice.

If you haven't noticed, there is an abundance of lavender linen/room sprays on the market, which are all fairly price, but it's really easy to make your own with just three simple ingredients:

Lavender Pillow Spray

  • Distilled water (I didn't have any so substituted bottled spring water)
  • Vodka or rubbing alcohol
  • Lavender essential oil (not scented oil, it must be the real deal)
  • Spray bottle
Pour a couple of teaspoons of vodka/alcohol into your bottle. My spray bottle is a small travel size, so adjust your volume accordingly. The purpose of the alcohol is to preserve and disperse the oil. If using a larger bottle, perhaps use a tablespoon or so.

Add 30 drops of lavender essential oil.

Give the bottle a little shake to mix. It will turn white, don't worry.

Top up with water. Screw the lid on.
Add a label if you wish - I just added a little strip of purple washi tape.
Put by your bed and remember to shake before misting!

Sweet dreams!

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