January 29, 2016

Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover

As part of my PROJECT 2016 campaign, I intend to makeover both my kids' bedrooms. As I mentioned earlier in this post, both my children are moving on to high schools this year and their needs are changing.

Whilst my daughter loved her Rustic Equestrian Bedroom, by the time I blogged about it she'd already been living with it for nearly twelve months and it was even getting to be a little too bland for her tomboy tastes!

Anyhow, we were browsing through Kmart one day when she spied this cute reversible cushion:


Yellow has always been one of her favourite colours and together we decided to use this as a catalyst to update her room with a cute and happy theme.
While browsing the Manchester department, we picked up another cushion, quilt cover, rug, fun LED light, and some shadow box shelves.

Her already white furniture and glittery white curtains proved to be the perfect backdrop to her rainbow inspired room and she even made a colourful pom-pom garland to string across her curtains { see video below }.

This is her desk area which she struggles to keep tidy... It usually becomes a dumping ground for anything she doesn't want to put away properly! But we've tidied it up and with some gentle encouragement, she's promised to try and keep it workable.
To help her get ready for this year, we updated her dresser to a larger one - Ikea Nordli (just waiting on it to come back in stock) and adjusted her wardrobe interior to better accommodate her schooling needs.
Our house is not magazine-worthy - my kids' rooms, even less so. But we are REAL. Here, you see the room as it really is.
 The result? A happy, colourful bedroom without being too heavy on "theme" and that reflects my daughter's personality perfectly. You can find the Pinterest Inspiration Board for her room here.
** This post is in no way affiliated with Kmart - I just love their budget-friendly homewares - which is perfect when you have a 12year old whose interests are constantly changing!


  1. What a positive place to grow and sleep and dream and just spend some time! I love it! I can relate to your daughter's desire for a change. I have been decorating the new house v-e-r-y slowly because I want to make sure I am happy with the decisions for a long time. I could re-decorate every couple of years and be quite content with that, but let's face it, I don't have that unlimited time or budget! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing at Celebrate Your Story! I hope we see you again this week!

  2. Beautiful room! You did an amazing job. I especially love the pom pom garland on her window! Thank you for sharing at Create • Share • Inspire. We hope to see you back tonight. xo


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