February 23, 2016

Easy Updates for Boys' Rooms

As part of my PROJECT 2016 campaign, I intend to makeover both my kids' bedrooms. As I mentioned earlier in this post, both my children are moving on to high schools this year and their needs are changing.

Whilst my son's room doesn't require a full makeover as such, he is moving on to junior high school, so we thought it was time we updated his room to grow through these important years with him.

At almost ten, he's not that far from being a teenager, but he still has needs for some toys and play space in his room. His current furniture, whilst not ideal, will do for a couple more years (we don't have the budget to upgrade that yet) and so apart from a few tweaks to his interior wardrobe, the main updates to his room are purely cosmetic.

When decorating kids' rooms - particularly tweens and teens - it's important to recognise their own tastes and interests, as tempting as it might be to throw in our own decorating styles. My son, like most boys his age, is mad about sports and sports cars. He loves stripes and wanted to display the Porsche posters he was given earlier this year.

Together, we browsed Pinterest and found a quilt cover that he liked. It was grey and black and orange stripes. Luckily, we also found a similar one that matched the red, black and white in his posters... and it was available at our local Kmart.

While there, we found a new rug to replace the old car/road/play mat that he had, and he can use the circles as race-tracks for his Hot Wheels cars and Lego racers when he feels like it.

A new black wire basket to hold his footballs, and some general tidying up was all that was needed to bring his room around into a new space that reflects the boy he is today and tomorrow.

He loves it, and has even shown it off proudly to one of his new school mates. It's a classic styled room that was easy on the budget and is easy for him to keep tidy.

** This post is in no way affiliated with Kmart - I just love their new homewares, which are perfect for quick and budget-friendly updates!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing over at Celebrate Your Story. This really took me back to when my son was a 'tween. It was a red Ferrari poster that set the tone for his room! Enjoy this time, they will be gone from home before you know it!

  2. It looks really perfect for a boy. Love the colors! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. My boys would have loved to have a room like this!


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