March 22, 2016

DIY Rustic Wreath

As part of my recent Toilet Room Makeover, I made this quick and easy wreath with a rustic touch that's just perfect for dressing up a small blank wall.

All you need to get started on your wreath is a wire frame - mine came from the inside of an old lampshade - yep, you can just peel off the fabric and you're left with two wire frames just perfect for wreath bases ;) - and a couple of faux greenery sprays of your choice.

Snip your sprays to workable lengths and then it's as easy as twisting the stems around the base.

Keep adding as you go, being careful to fill in any visible spaces.

I left a little space at the top to add a ribbon for hanging my wreath.

Now you can leave your wreath just as, or if you're after a little more of a rustic look, you can add it to a wooden plank frame or board.

I already had this board on hand, but it could easily be made by nailing together a few short planks of timber (I think mine used to be a fence paling) with a couple of small timber pieces or trim. (See my DIY Cafe Sign for instructions on how to do this)

Then it's as easy as looping a length of ribbon around your wreath and securing it to the back of your frame/board with a staple gun.

Then flip it around and you're good to hang. Enjoy!

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